Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fractured Elbow - Now What?...

About 3 weeks ago I fell while walking my dog and fractured my left elbow...OMG...The pain, the pain...I am slowly recooperating and gradually getting back to the torch...In the meantime, I want to keep my Etsy Shop updated with new lampwork...I have been creating "slider" beads for 2 local boutiques that sell Pandora, Troll, Camilla and Biagi bracelets and necklaces...After giving this much thought I have decided to add these beads to my Etsy Shop...I know there are many of us lampworkers that have these beads in our shops...I have now joined the club and hope you enjoy my selection of BHB's (big hole beads)...These beads will fit Pandora, Troll, Camilla, Biagi and other European slider chains...The hole size is 5mm on each of the beads...

Take a browse around my Shop to find my Slider beads...

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Tanya said...

Ah, I don't do jewelry and have no background in beads, but they are pretty! :)

Sorry to hear about your elbow!

SpinachNPeace said...

I am sooo sorry about your elbow. rest it!

your sliders are off to add you as a favorite:)

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