Sunday, June 8, 2008

Groundhog Relocators

OK...I admit it...WE HAVE A HUGE GROUNDHOG PROBLEM!...They seem to be taking over our pool area and will soon be eating the veggies in the garden we've worked so hard at...We, meaning my husband, my son and my two women partners in gardening have decided to tackle the problem with a friendly animal trap...So far we have caught 3 of the 8+ groundhogs that seem to be living under the pool...

Once we catch them we are relocating them to a safe and groundhog friendly environment...Lots of trees, water and food...I know they will be happier in their new location...The problem is, they keep coming and coming and now are getting smart to the trap...Apple, carrots and broccoli pieces are missing from inside the trap but no captured groundhogs...So, it is a waiting game...

We will take any suggestions anyone has to offer to rid ourselves of these adorable destructing rodents...

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