Monday, May 19, 2008

Etsy Artist Lounge Interview - Designz By Lizzie

I am so honored to have the pleasure of interviewing Lizzie of Designz By Lizzie…The first time I saw Lizzie’s shop I thought her work was totally amazing, unique and very cool…She is one of the nicest Etsy artisans and a proud member of the Etsy Artist Lounge Street Team…Enjoy the interview…

1. Tell me a little about Lizzie?...Hi. I am a mother of three ,and a crazed jewelry artist 24 hours a day! I went to school for fashion design many years ago and after taking care of everybody I decided to get back into Art, this time my focus was on Jewelry and my love for Precious Metal Clay.

2. What inspires your work?...I find inspiration in everything, especially my children one of whom has Autism. My youngest child is 9 and a working actress. So I find a lot of inspiration from what I see on Movie sets. It’s so exciting to see the eclectic personalities of the actors!! But mostly I just sit down with the clay and just start creating, whatever comes to mind, whatever I feel at that moment. I try to have fun and make fun pieces. I want people to have fun and enjoy what they are wearing. It is an honor to have people purchase my goods and to know they wear what I made with love.

3. How long have you been creating your one-of-a-kind jewelry?...I have been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for years and just giving them away, literally right off my body for years. But when my mother got sick with cancer I made a promise to try and make a go of it and I am having the time of my life doing so. I just opened my second shop in honor of my mother Helen. It’s here on Etsy, called after my mother. That shop is totally different and filled with steampunk style jewelry. That shop is for my mother.

4. What other interests, hobbies do you have?...Hobbies!! Let’s see. Taking care of my family is my number one hobby. Other than that I love to go to antique stores and out of the way shops and cafes. I like to watch people and see what they are wearing and the style that they have created. I am very involved with Autism research, and Special education rights!! I can also be found in NYC a few times a week taking my daughter to auditions or jobs!! But I am not a stage mother!!

5. Where else can people find your creations?...People can find my work in seceral galleries in NJ, and NYC. I will be going into a new shop in Red Bank, NJ very soon. I can also be seen on June 7 at The East Brunswick, NJ Art Show. I am very excited to have been accepted into this highly prestigious juried art show. Last year I was a shopper. Who knew!!I would love to add that being a part of the EAL is one of the highlights of my career!! I have met so many talented artists and people I consider my friends. We all have mutual respect for each other’s work and I love it. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this interview. It has been a delight.

Kisses, Lizzie

1 comment:

Deb DiSalvo said...

Isn't Lizzie just the best? I bought one of her A for autism necklaces and I love it. I also love her guitars. Great interview!!

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