Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Share

Happy Saturday...What a night last night...I had the best time with my friend Dale from Daletta Designs...Not only do we both do we make our own creations but together we are making some pretty cool crafts...Laughter is something we both share each time we meet...Last night was no exception...OMG, i couldn't breath we were laughing so hard...Between the fantastic sushi dinner and chit chatting and showing Dale how to set up her new blog, What Drives Dale, we created this stunning brooch...This is a special custom design for one of Dale's customers...Here is a "sneek peek" at the unfinished brooch...

Pulling our energies together we are looking forward to creating some pretty fantastic pieces to share in her shop Daletta Designs...Stay tuned, there is much much more to come...

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Dale Kaplan said...

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